Amiga Blitz Basic was originally developed as commercial software under the name of Blitz Basic and then Blitz Basic 2 by Simon Armstrong and Mark Sibley of Acid Software in New Zealand. It was later re-released as freeware under the GNU General Public License. More recently Bernd Roesch and others of Amiforce have continued development of the editor and compiler, under the name AmiBlitz. AmiBlitz has continued to grow and evolve, adding many features that allow for more modern coding styles and techniques while retaining compatibility with the original Blitz Basic. The AmiBlitz IDE has also been improved and offers such features as context-sensitive help for Include functions, variable and struct browser, syntax reference browser and so on. However, this means that the AmiBlitz development environment has higher requirements than the original Blitz Basic environment on which it’s based. Because it is a BASIC language, it is easy to use, although there are many features that make it far more powerful than a regular BASIC language and almost on a par with languages like C. Blitz produces fast running (compared to other BASICs) programs and makes it easy to create applications and games, as there are a lot of commands to simplify the operations that you need when writing these types of programs. Blitz supports all versions of the Amiga Operating System, from 1.2 to 3.9, both in the programs it creates and the programs which make up the Blitz package. However, newer versions of some Blitz programs require newer versions of the OS, and some 3rd party libraries that you can use in your programs will also require newer versions.

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