(Updated)Amiten software proudly announced that there upcoming game ‘The Dream of Rowan’ is 98% finished and started beta testing to finalize the software product. Created  in AMOS Professional and specifically in AMAL (Animation Language). Rowan awakes in the dungeons stunned and disorientated. This small elf child has to go through hundreds of obstacles and destroy powerful magicians and terribles creatures to rescue his family and friends, and save our world from the darkness.  Rowan will have to find secret passages, keys, graveyards, weapons and discover places like bonus levels. The game has 5 Worlds and 4 or 5 levels each World and comes with a Bonus Level. The Game need an Amiga computer with 2MB of Chip Ram Free and 2MB Fast Ram CPU processor 68030 or above to run. Running at 50 images per second or FPS and 48 simultaneous colors on screen, apart Music & Sound Effects During the Game. Also  The game Has Intro Animations and audio phrases with effects during fights with Level Bosses. Mid-December 2017 the game will be released for all those who have reserved their DIGITAL copy and we will include in the credits their names in the Digital Game download. The game has been in development for several years and is looking very promising. For more information visit the Facebook page

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