Basically a Puzzle Bobble clone, but probably the best clone, certainly on the Amiga. This puzzle game genre has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so with the growing mobile and handheld gaming market. To start; Puzzle Bobble games are usually pretty simple, you start off in a rectangular screen in which the top is filled with a pattern of bubbles and at the bottom you have your mechanism where you can shoot a random colored bubble to match the ones in the pattern at the top and pop them. Of course, at the same time, you’re also racing against the clock to get rid of these bubbles before they pile up and cross the line  at the bottom of the screen which marks game over. If you’ve ever played Tetris, just imagine the screen upside-down with blocks at the top to start. Bubble Heroes was officially released in 2000 for AGA computers and came with RTG support, finally avaiblale for Commodore AmigaCD32 console having Fastram, also optimized for WinUAE.

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