After 22 years, the German version of “Flight of the Amazon Queen” for Amiga computer has been released thanks to The main character, Joe is a pilot who is flying Hollywood star Faye Russell to the Amazon for a movie shoot. Think Willie in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and you’ve got Faye’s character down pat. But I digress.. the story then, through twists and turns aplenty, reveals a crazed scientist’s plans to turn Amazonian natives into unwitting tools of his plan to take over the world. Cue much maniacal laughing by said villain. Oh, and an appearance by dinosaurs. The game has a good, rounded and quirky plot that adheres well to the classic three-act structure. There are plenty of locations and characters. From the aforementioned dressing room and escaping from it, to several locations once in the Amazon, there is always plenty to see and do in the game. The map has been well thought out and is populated with varied and almost always interesting characters.