The PowerPC Notebook project in cooperation with Acube systems is making good progress.The laptop will feature upgradeable components such as the video card, RAM, and SDD/HDD. It will also be 64-bit and have multi-threaded capabilities, and will fully support gnu/linux as well as OS X virtualization. Based on the 28 nm QorIQ T2080 and T2081 processors bring the architectural innovations of the T series flagship T4240, such as the 1.8 GHz dual-threaded e6500 core, into an eight virtual core mid-range platform. The processor is primarily intended to succeed successful P3041 and P2041 mid-range series of quad-core devices as a control plane or integrated control and data plane processor. It provides an excellent migration path, as it offers 2x or better in core capability, cache size, SerDes bandwidth and Ethernet connectivity. The upcoming laptop will  include Altivec technology with 16 GFLOPS per core. If released then this Notebook will be the most powerful PPC-machine out here for the consumer market – compared to the PowerMac G5 Quad and the AmigaOne X5000. Although presented during Amiga32, there are still no indications that there will be support for MorphOS 3.10(probably not, upcoming A1222 will not be supported either) or AmigaOS 4.1(very unlikely because of brand name ‘AmigaOne’ missing), however fans could be tempted to write hardware drivers for both OS’s. The laptop will be delivered with Debian 9.

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