Spanish Amiga game developers proudly present ‘2027 Escape from berlin’. The new upcoming adventure comes with amazing graphics and can run on all Commodore Amiga computers with 1Mb of RAM. In 2027 Commodore made a come back, cornering the market in computers. PC users were rebelling by attacking the computer network. Governments agreed to confine them in the greatest prison ever built, for which the city of Berlin was chosen, surrounded by a guarded great wall. A floppy disk with the latest edition of Amiga Future has been lost in this city. Go find it! Amiga Wave recently released Retrowars an adventure point and click style inspired on StarWars universe with a retro theme. Turn yourself into Luk, followed by your droids and his master, in order to escape from the planet and the negative influence of retro-speculation, promoted by the dark side. Release is TBA, you can find more information on the website of the game.

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