It’s you vs. an entire alien army and the odds aren’t looking too good. But in shoot ‘em ups, the original and most popular video game genre, the right ammo and a couple of extra lives just might get you to the end. In the classic version of this beloved format, a solo player mounts a defence against hordes of opponents with nothing more than a spaceship, a laser gun, and a joystick. Yet over thirty years later, the simple shoot ‘em up, or “shmup” as it’s casually called among fans, has evolved into countless, wildly creative forms. Proxima 3: Red Dwarf Star by Kevin Saunders is a new frenetic arcade shoot´em-up in development for Amiga computers with AGA chipset. The game comes with great fast action gameplay, amazing attacking waves, extra weapon systems and so much more. The game is currently in development, release is TBA. For more information please visit the website.

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