The AmigaOne A1222 motherboard launch is coming closer, it’s only a matter of Hyperion Entertainment having Ethernet and audio drivers ready for AmigaOS 4.1. The price of the Tabor will be around 400 euros. But we do not know if the price includes an AmigaOS 4.1 license. If you’re looking to build a new AmigaOne there are a heap of great options but we’ve gone ahead and picked out the ones that look fun to us. They’re fun, compact, and usually look great when completed.

The BitFenix Prodigy is a meticulously crafted and beautifully engineered, Prodigy redefines the Mini-ITX chassis. The compact housing is suspended by handles made with BitFenix FyberFlex™ Composite for easy portability and maximum shock absorption. On the inside, our modular FlexCage gives you the flexibility to install up to five 3.5″ hard disks or 2.5″ SSDs, or remove it entirely to fit up to 240mm watercooling radiators and long graphics cards. For added flexibility, additional SSD locations are also included, and a choice of Midnight Black or Arctic White with interchangeable front facades mean Prodigy will suit your individual style. With tool-free convenience, two USB 3.0 ports, filtered intakes, and proprietary BitFenix SofTouch Surface Treatment, Prodigy is the compact case with no compromises. Best of all, it’s not expensive: $90 at Newegg, $100 at Amazon.

The Node 304 features a unique modular interior for outstanding configurability. The Node 304 accommodates up to six hard drives. Unused mounting brackets can be removed to allow for long graphic cards, additional airflow or more space for organizing cables. Additionally, it is equipped with three hydraulic bearing fans, easy-to-clean air filters in all intakes and two front USB 3.0 ports. However, it’s long enough to support longer graphics cards if you need them. You can purchase the Node 304 for just $90 at Newegg and $122 at Amazon.

With the FT03, there are no such restrictions because its beautiful, 2.5mm thick, sand-blasted and anodized aluminum outer shells have no cable connectors to be found on all four sides, which frees up tremendous amount of desktop real estate for its users. The interior of the chassis utilizes SilverStone’s unique stack effect cooling layout so a Micro-ATX motherboard is mounted in 90 degree rotation to take advantage of hot air’s natural tendency to rise. This design also enables the FT03 to support graphics cards that are as long as 13.7 inches without the chassis taking up similar room depth-wise. In addition, the chassis also supports three 3.5” hard drives with one capable of hot-swapping function and one 2.5” drive bay for excellent storage flexibility. For a chassis that may redefine a new design direction for the desktop computer with its revolutionary new proportion and usage model, the Fortress FT03 is simply perfect for anyone looking to build a striking yet fully functional and discreet system. The FT03 will set you back $160 at Newegg and at Amazon

The BitFenix Prodigy is drawing obvious design inspiration from Valve’s Portal series, BitFenix’s latest ITX case features a distinct style that looks great as an HTPC in the living room or a gaming PC on a desktop. Measuring 9.7” x 15.6” x 16.2” with the stand installed, the Portal is quite compact and fits just about anywhere. Despite its smaller size, the case is still incredible easy to build in thanks to the dual frame design. The interior chamber easily slides in and out of the exterior housing via a satisfying ball bearing design. When removed from the exterior, it’s easy to access all of the parts on the interior chamber, making the traditionally cumbersome ITX installation a breeze. Available on Amazon for just € 130.

The Graphite Series 380T packs a powerful punch in a portable Mini-ITX PC case. A built-in carrying handle makes transport a breeze. It’s easy to build the road-ready computer of your dreams within a spacious, easy to access interior with room for an extra-long graphics card. You can keep things cool with mounts for up to five fans and a convenient front panel three-speed fan controller. The 380T is made for travel. The handle makes it easy to grab your rig and go, and the handle’s integral design means that it’s there when you need it, and it visually blends into the smooth, molded form when you don’t. You can purchase the case for about $140.

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