A tablet running AmigaOS 4.1 has been a pipe dream for some and here is the proof that it can be done. This video shows AmigaOS 4.1 running on a tablet, using FS-UAE X86 and is running pretty well despite the emulation. This tablet is running on the Intel Atom Z3735F  a power-efficient quad-core SoC for tablets (mainly Android). It is clocked at 1.33 – 1.83 GHz and is part of the Bay Trail-T platform. Thanks to 4 CPU cores and the improved performance per clock, the Z3735F is significantly faster than previous Intel Atoms like the Z2760. Depending on the benchmark, the Z3735F competes with AMDs Temash and Kabini APUs like the A6-1450 and A4-5000. The SoC also comes with Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) GPU based on Gen 7 architecture from Intel. It’s important to note that the graphics processor supports DirectX 11 and has 4 EUs (Execution Units). The clock speed is set to a maximum of 646MHz. The entire SoC is rated ar little less than 4W and the SDP is 2.2W and this makes it perfect for tablets or other devices that use passive cooling system.

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