This is something you don’t come across every day. This is a workhorse Amiga 2500 that came from NASA’s telemetry labs. It still has the NASA Asset tags and a 2005 Inventory sticker. Everyone knows Amigas were great computers, as did NASA. They used them, amongst other things, to collect telemetry data from various space assets. There are 2 specialized cards that are installed in the machine to read & write all the telemetry data. One is called an Amiga 2000 Serial Interface, and the other is an Amiga 2000 Remote DMA Output Controller. They both have a set of what look like 50pin SCSI cables that I am assuming were connected to external drive arrays or other equipment to read/write massive amounts of data. The computer has a GVP 68030 Accelerator card which is running @ 40Mhz from what I can see on the CPU card. I believe it has 16MB of RAM installed and everything appears to be working. I booted it up and went through the directories and found alot of interesting programs & data files referencing several NASA projects: AC.135, 141, 164, AURA, GP8, MS10, MS11, MS7, MS9, P91, TITAN, PEGASUS, TAURUS, and lots more. Each project has C source files which were the programs they used to interface with these various space assets. You can purchase the computer on Ebay.

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