Another fine release for the Commodore AmigaCD32 game console. The CD-ROM comes with over 15 of the greatest Sega Megadrive game optimized for the AmigaCD32 game console released in 1993. You can expect classic such as Aladdin who must make his way through several levels based on locations from the movie: from the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan’s dungeon to the final confrontation in Grand Vizier Jafar’s palace. Desert Strike inspired by the Gulf War and depicts a conflict between an insane Middle Eastern dictator, General Kilbaba, and the United States. The player controls a Apache helicopter and attempts to destroy enemy weapons and installations, rescue hostages and capture enemy personnel, while managing supplies of fuel and ammunition. And many more great classic’s released for SEGA and Amiga computers!

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