Metal Blob Solid is an open source 2D arcade platform game developed by Parallel Realities. It plays a lot like New Zealand Story whilst also borrowing elements from Ape Escape. The main character is a Blob named Bob.When a number of his friends become missing in action, Bob takes it upon himself to enter into enemy territory and rescue them. Along the way he infiltrates a number of Biomech strongholds and discovers information pertaining to a number of crystals hidden within several Ancient Tombs. The crystals are said to hold vast magical powers. Bob retrieves three of the four before Galdov beats him to the fourth, granting the alien leader supernatural powers. Bob pursues Galdov to his space station, where he plants a number of bombs and battles Galdov for control of the fourth crystal. Winning the fight Bob flees the space station, leaving Galdov to be destroyed along with it.

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