Phase 5 digital products were unique among Amiga hardware manufacturers  in offering the Blizzard PPC and CyberStorm PPC products. These boards had a unique dual-CPU design utilizing both a Motorola 68k processor and a higher performance PowerPC processor. The company has been revived by new owners in 2015/2016 and they would launch a wide range of new accelerators based on 68k and PowerPC technology. The new Phase5 attended Amiga32 to showcase the new accelerators to a large Amiga users audience, and some people have purchased Phase 5 PCB’s for about € 160. Sadly enough none of the PCB’s worked because there are no groundlayers resulting in the PCB’s having no power at all. Amiga user John Hertell did a full examination and had some awkward experiences with the company and boards. You can read more on his blog.

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