The Amiga-T5 has been on the drawing board for many years and a lot of effort has gone into offering you the neatest Commodore Amiga A500 ever. The A500 looks superb in this modern customised retro format. The T Series project was all about making the 3 Amiga computers that were never towered or big box, into what they always should of been. Commodore only offered them in the wedged all in one format for cost reduction. Now for those who have always preferred big box Amiga computers or towered up systems, the Amiga-T5 Plus is everything and more. This is the 1st Generation Amiga T5 Plus, Retro Tower System. This version has the A500 Rev 6 board with the ECS Gen 2 chipset and 512KB chip ram. and comes with a 1.5MB slow ram and RTC AmiRAM card fitted. The board is a late A500 pre 500 Plus version. You can purchase this Amiga sensation on Ebay for € 564,65

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