FlashMandelNG 1.2 is a program for drawing Mandelbrot and Julia fractals. It uses a very fast algorithm and generates high quality, smooth images and is now 100% compatible with AmigaOS 4.1. Julia set fractals are normally generated by initializing a complex number  z = x + yi  where  i2 = -1  and x and y are image pixel coordinates in the range of about -2 to 2. Then, z is repeatedly updated using:  z = z2 + c  where c is another complex number that gives a specific Julia set. After numerous iterations, if the magnitude of z is less than 2 we say that pixel is in the Julia set and color it accordingly. Performing this calculation for a whole grid of pixels gives a fractal image. The Mandelbrot set, c instead differs for each pixel and is x + yi, where x and y are the image coordinates (as was also used for the initial z value). The Mandelbrot set can be considered a map of all Julia sets because it uses a different c at each location, as if transforming from one Julia set to another across space.

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