BFFS is an AmigaOS filesystem with support utilities to read and write Berekeley Fast Filesystem (FFS/UFS) media. BFFSFilesystem allows you to mount (and use) Unix filesystems directly under AmigaOS. Function in the operating system is similar to how FastFileSystem is used to read and write Amiga-native media. This filesystem should be compatible with most AmigaOS applications which use the Dos Exec message layer or above. The UNIX file system utilizes a block design, with resources to back up various blocks for functionality. Sequential nodes direct allocation for directory entries and file metadata helps preserve information on what is inside the UNIX file system. All of this is central to the ongoing use of UNIX in the hardware world. The UNIX file system is the file system used by UNIX operating systems. The UNIX operating system is useful as an alternative to end-user systems like Microsoft Windows. UNIX was originally developed at Bell Labs in the 1970s, and became popular as a modular OS for the savvy “power user.”

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