Graeme Cowie has just released a new beta version of the famous Bomb Jack released on Commodore Amiga in 1988. Bomb Jack is a hero who can perform high jumps and float in the air. His goal is to collect all red bombs on the screen. The game’s antagonists are enemies such as birds and mummies which, once they drop in the bottom of the screen, can morph into things like flying saucers and orbs that float around the screen, making Jack lose a life if he touches them. Collecting bombs will increase the bonus meter at the top of the screen (collecting lit bombs increases it more). When the meter is completely filled up, a circular bouncing “P” appears, and when collected, it will turn all the enemies into bonus coins for a short period during which Jack may collect them.  There’ll be special Kebab and Garlic sauce rounds in the 2018 edition. The game will still only run on any Commodore Amiga.

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