The new Gotek extension board for Commodore Amiga interfaces with a Gotek drive and lets you mount the drive inside your case and have full access to the controls from the outside in a suitably retro manner. The new Gotek extension board is designed to fit inside the A500 and A1200. It mounts inside the A500 with four adhesive mounting posts. The A1200 mounting system is potentially more solid as it uses the same two mounting points as the system LEDs. The Gotek extension board version 1.1 is a DIY kit. You will need to provide your own Gotek drive. The board has the buttons, USB port, USB patch cable, LEDs and pin headers pre-fitted, you will need to transplant the numeric display from the Gotek drive, and solder the supplied connectors to the Gotek LEDs and buttons. You will need moderate soldering skills and access to soldering equipment. Full instructions are supplied with purchase. Available on Ebay for just £18,49.

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