AWEB is a popular webbrowser for the Amiga Computer and compatible Operating Systems. Originally developed by Yvon Rozijn, AWeb was shipped with version 3.9 of AmigaOS. AWeb doesn’t use Magical User Interface (MUI). It uses BOOPSI classes instead, which results in less memory usage and increased speed. The BOOPSI classes are partially custom designed for AWeb, and partially from the ClassAct kit. AWeb also uses extensive internal multitasking, which leads to total asynchroneous and parallel network access. Images are starting to load while the document is still loading. It is possible to follow a link while the previous document is still loading. A separate network status window shows all pending network and local file accesses. All network accesses can be interrupted immediately. AWeb also offers an ARexx interface, and a unique and powerful shell command interface. The new release offers several improvements and bugfixes.

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