AfAWB v1.4 is an AmigaOS expansion created by James based on AfA/OS by Bernd Roesch that includes many modern applications. Afa OS 4.8 is a package of patches for AmigaOS 3.1 and above, and brings modern features to AmigaOS 3.x. Its development started in 2005. The goal of AfA OS is to bring modern features like Antialiasing (AA) to the AmigaOS since there is no further development for the 68k AmigaOS since OS3.9, AfA OS replaces AmigaOS core libraries with their more advanced AROS counterparts. Afa OS 4.8  comes with many more improvements and bugfixes, the new release came with 22 news Skins from Ken Lester giving Amiga Workbench a modern look.

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