Programmer Olaf Barthel released a new program which uses the “trivial file transfer protocol” (TFTP) for either sending data from your Amiga to a remote TFTP server, or for requesting data to be transmitted by a remote TFTP server to your Amiga. The typical application for this program is for transmitting data between your Amiga and “small computer” systems, for upgrading firmware or for downloading log data. Because TFTP is such a simple protocol, it is often easier to implement for small computer systems than the more complex FTP, HTTP or SSH protocols which need a complete TCP/IP stack to work. Please note that because the TFTP client program does not use a TCP/IP stack, there is no way for the program to find out which IPv4 address the Amiga should be using, which is why you need to pick a suitable IPv4 address all by yourself. This IPv4 address must not currently be used by a different computer in your network.

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