In the northeast of Berlin, hidden between residential buildings, is a piece of Berlin S-Bahn history: a driving simulator on which train drivers were once trained during and shortly after the DDR era. “The technique is still working, but it is very old. We always have to fix something – and especially the old computer, a Commodore Amiga 3000”. The guardian angels of this nostalgic piece of history launched a donation campaign, and want to collect 6000 euros to modernize parts of the technology. The Commodore Amiga 3000, is the third major release in the Amiga computer family. it featured improved processing speed, improved rendering of graphics, and a new revision of the operating system.  The Commodore Amiga 3000, was entirely reworked and rethought as a high-end workstation. The new Motorola 32-bit 68030 CPU, 68882 math co-processor, and 32-bit system memory increase the integer processing speed by a factor of 5 to 18, and the floating-point processing speed by a factor of 7 to 200 times. Along with Commodore Amiga 3000 came AmigaOS 2.0 and is generally considered to have a more ergonomic and attractive interface than previous versions, which were designed with television sets as a lowest common denominator display. Access for application developers was simplified. (Source: Berliner Kurier)

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