Gremlin is not well known for its shoot ’em up pedigree, but they have given it a damn good shot through with Disposable Hero. Take to the helm of a lightweight star-fighter and scrape your way through five levels of complete carnage. It has to be said, Disposable Hero is tought with a capital T. There is so much packing the screen that you are constantly fighting two enemies at once, the never ending barrage of enemy fighter and the complicated intertwining backgrounds and detail on every level. There is so much going on it is incredibly hard to keep your attention on shooting with accuracy at gun emplacements and the like. Most of the time it is a case of dodging and shooting into thin air! The graphics are fabulously detailed. Enemy ships actually look battle scarred and possess little animated bits of machinery on their surfaces that twist or click as they speed towards you. The secret of success is in the various pods/domes you will find. They hide shops where you can stock up on weapons. Your ship will only carry so much though, and certain combinations will not do, so cunning choices have to be made to stay in the game. There is a total of 32 weapons to choose from but you do not have instant access to them all. Scattered throughout the hostile enemy levels you will find various bonus pods that have to be collected to buy better equipment. And boy are you going to need those upgrades! The enemy fighters move F.A.S.T. Quite often it is better to dodge the on-coming traffic then stand and fight it. Scooch down to the bottom of the screen, pausing to get a look at your reflection, and then speeding straight up to the top again will get you out of many a scrape. But be careful! Space between the backgrounds and sprites is very tight. If you keep your head and make it to the end of the level you will find the big boys waiting. Gigantic guardians hand around and block your path onward. Apart from being deadly they possess fantastic detail, like steam and moving parts animated to full effect. Disposable Hero is a vital addition to your software collection.

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