Exactly 25 years ago Commodore Business Machines released the cheaper model of the Amiga 4000 series. The Commodore Amiga 4000/30 was released in April 1993 with a Motorola 68EC030 running at 25mhz and without memory management unit (MMU). The Amiga 4000/30 came with 4 Mb of RAM instead of 6 Mb of RAM compared with Amiga 4000/40(released in 1992). The Commodore Amiga 4000 series used the AGA chipset to allow it to show 256,000 colours on screen from a palette of 16.8 million, as well as the new Workbench 3.0 that introduced the concept of among other things, datatypes. The Amiga 4000 is one of the most powerful and last official Commodore Amigas ever made. The Commodore Amiga 4000/40 came with a price tag of £ 2000 and it’s little brother for just £ 1300. The Amiga 4000 series could still compete with new Wintel 486DX computers and the Apple Macintosh Performa 430(released 5 months later in October 1993) witch featured a 16 MHz 68030 processor and 4 MB of RAM.

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