Dan wood Released a very interesting video about the latest MorphOS release for PowerPC computers. This new version also introduces support for AmigaOne PowerPC 64bit X5000 workstations.  MorphOS 3.10 brings Flow Studio, which is an integrated development environment that offers features such as a built-in source level debugger and seamless MorphOS shell access. In addition many bug fixes and general performance improvements have been introduced, MorphOS 3.10 also provides varied user interface and usability improvements. This release includes modern themes, new fonts, and support for vector graphics, such as SVG icons, as well as time zones via Coordinated Universal Time. You can simply download the OS and burn it to CD and is ideal for turning any aging G4/G5 Apple Macintosh into a modern day Amiga compatible machine. MorphOS comes with a large library of very usable software, much like modern Linux distributions. Not only does it run MorphOS many native programs, but also a large selection of programs and games written for AmigaOS 3.X with RTG support.

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