The plot, or what there is of it, is the usual arcade excuse to go and kick some mad-man’s behind. This time the villain is called Midan, and he’s been targeted for assassination by the Allied Security forces as he has practically made himself the financial ruler of the world. Naturally, he’s not going to go down without a fight, so he’s had five gigantic, heavily defended levels put between him and the assassin, populated with all sorts of robots, tricks and traps. The assassin is a very agile character indeed. First off, he can give many enemies the slip by employing his superfast running abilities. He can somersault onto platforms, climb and swing on background items, in addition to that he can also hang onto ceiling in true Spiderman style. Naturally, all these abilities don’t mean squat to the enemy, who’ll keep shooting regardless of acrobatics. So to defend himself the assassin is armed with a boomerang. We’re not talking a Rolf Harris novelty product here, this boomerang is capable of taking apart armoured robots. It can be powered-up to make it faster, more damaging and so that it travels further when thrown. In addition to the boomerang power-ups there are a number of mega-weapons to collect. These beauties range from heat seeking missiles, through proximity mines to a gigantic flame weapon. When found, these are activated by holding down the fire button a few seconds, then releasing. The end room of each level contains a rather large boss. If your Amiga is connected to a stereo you’re in for a real treat with this game. The sound effects are fantastic. Apart from the explosions, there are effects such as the wind blowing through the caverns, and the squelching foot-balls of the assassin as he runs across living-platforms. More than anything else, its sheer size and unpredictability will hit you. You never know what’s going to get you next or where it’s going to come from. Assassin performs with the arrogance and showmanship of Sugar Ray, but packs a punch like Marvelous Marvin. It’s perhaps not as tight as, say First Samurai.

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