When contact was lost with the ISRC-4 Space Research Centre, the big cheeses at the interplanetary Corps got a little bit jumpy. After all, they’d all seen Aliens at least twenty times and were starting to get an acute feeling of déjà vu. So, better safe than sorry they rerouted two of their toughest marines from their earth-bound course to investigate. Having their voyage home interrupted to check out some stupid Research Centre did nothing for Johnson and Stone’s already violent temperament, and they docked with the station in a pretty grumpy mood. Disembarking from the shuttle they were greeted not by a gaggle of bemused scientists but by an eerie silence. They started to move into the tomb-like Research Centre, guns at the ready. Circuitry hung, torn from th walls, like entrails. An acrid acidic strench hung in the air. The motion tracker started it’s haunting beep. Yes, boys and girls, Alien Breed is possibly, only possibly mind you, inspired by that top movie, Aliens. It’s just the vibes I’m getting from the game. It’s not just that the plot’s the same, or that the alien graphics look identical to H.R. Giger’s Alien design, or that the front cover o the game features a drooling likeness of said Alien. Once in the game proper, the emphasis is on atmosphere. The graphics are nicely detailed and recreate the claustrophobia that’s needed to keep the suspense going, but without restricting your movement. The alien sprites are, believe t or not, rather Alienish in appearance, as are the tiny face hugger things that zip around and bite your ankles. Keep your eyes open for the aliens who punch through some lower levels and climb up through the floor. They may look great but they’re a tad on the deadly side. The graphics of the two marines are good as well, especially the way the blasts from their guns flickers over their faces. Rather than see the bullets fly across the screen, you just see the muzzle flash and the little explosions as the bullets hit their target. This, while only a little touch, adds a great deal to the realism and the beefy gun FX make it hard to resist bellowing lines from Aliens at the top of your voice as you rip into a corridor full of monsters. Also included is some soft, sultry speech that calmly tells you that you’re about to die or that you’ve run out of ammo. Add a stonking tune, and you’ve got a package that’s more attractive than a gift wrapped Winona Ryder. There are plenty of features to keep you busy while you try and stay alive. Each level has an objective which must be completed before you can move down to the next. Level one is simply a case of making a dash for the lift from the shuttle, with the aliens at your heels, while level two requires you to destroy the reactor and escape before it blows.

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