EMULA stands for EMUlator LAuncher and is a cross platform application able to manage, recognize and run games (legaly) owned by the user. One of the most important goal is to let the software be easy enough for everyone, even for people with no emulators knowledge, and for people that have no computer-skills, but just want to play their games as fast as possible. Emula recognizes roms using the rom CRC and the rom size, without goin’ to deep into details you should know that any file rom have a unique CRC, like a footprint, and this “magic number”  let Emula recognize the rom even if the file have a misleading name. This system also take some good things to the end user, for example he will never be prompted to make a choice in case of ambiguos roms and will never download wrong additional data (game art for example) for his rom.


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