Did you think nothing more could be done with platforms and ladders? Well think again. Add a stonking soundtrack hysterical animation and some well-designed backgrounds that keep the pace up. It all adds up to a storming game that will delight all Jake ‘n’ Elwood fans, and charm the uninitiated. The characters are animated to individual perfection and you know from the outset that this game really sings the blues. Your instrument have been stolen. You have a concert to play tonight and you’re in jail. There’s only one thing to do: bust out of jail and search the city. One or two players now have to negotiate six levels of action, locate each hidden instrument and finally get to the concert hall. Each level is accompanied with a different soundtrack, gelling perfectly with the zany antics on-screen. Jake and Elwood can’t just go up and hit people. Instead they must jump over their enemies (surely everyone in the city can’t be after them?) or pick up a crate, hold it aloft and chuck it at them. Thus the beat-’em-up gameplay encompasses an element of strategy, because you must plan your route to coincide with potential weapons. There are bonuses which can be found scattered around the platforms. Collect 100 records or pick-up some cool-looking shades and you’ve just won an extra life. A heart will restore you to full energy and a question-mark icon can do all sorts of strange things – the most annoying of which is to make Jake or Elwood groove on down for a few seconds, leaving one of them defenseless and vulnerable to attack. It’s all down to luck… Well those are the good points, now let’s pick a few faults (but only a few). A two-player game that allows both characters to groove on down simultaneously is a really great idea, but unfortunately it’s poorly implemented. The screen-scrolling only follows player one, often leaving player number two helplessly off the screen. OK, so you’ve just got to stick together? Maybe this could add an extra element to the gameplay? Sorry, though, it doesn’t work. But that’s it. Controlling Jake and Elwood at first feel s uncomfortable, but you soon get the hang of it. The music is fantastic and adds to the game. The animation flows smoothly, as our heroes jump, crawl, dance, and even swim their way through 300 or more screens and 25 different baddies. You’ve seen the movie, bought the soundtrack and been to the fancy-dress party. Now play the game!

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