The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.11. MorphOS 3.11 is a big update of MorphOS 3.10 and offers several improvements and bugfixes. The new update has improved support for AmigaOne X5000 systems and it greatly expands the general hardware compatibility by adding numerous new drivers for graphics cards, scanners, network cards, SATA controllers, and USB audio devices. You can simply download the OS and burn it to CD and is ideal for turning any aging G4/G5 Apple Macintosh into a modern day Amiga compatibel machine. MorphOS comes with a large library of very usable software, much like modern Linux distributions. Not only does it run MorphOS many native programs, but also a large selection of programs and games written for AmigaOS 3.X with RTG support. For running older applications or games that require the famous Amiga chipset structure you will need an emulator. The operating system is in development since 1999 and is still being maintained and updated by a very dedicated developers team.

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