Twitter accounts CBM & Amiga Soapbox and Amiga Documents (link video) have recently shared information about a ‘possible’ legal dispute between A-EON Technology and Hyperion Entertainment concerning fraudulent actions by Hyperions majority shareholder and founder Ben Hermans. It’s unknown how much money has been involved and how this event affected the relations between these two important Amiga companies. However, the 2 companies would have setteld the dispute internally, said CBM & Amiga Soapbox. We only received a part of the video and uploaded it to our Youtube channel, but a full video leak would be ongoing in the darkest corners of the Amiga community. The Belgium based software company Hyperion Entertainment is also lacking fresh funds and is facing over 0.5 million Euro of debt. Hyperion Entertainment is also facing several judicial problems and has started several on its own against Cloanto corp. and Amiga inc. A-EON’s upcoming A1222 computer system has been postponed for several times, if the AmigaOne A1222 delay is related to the fraude scandal is unknown. All information is based on rumours and none of it is confirmed by A-EON or Hyperion, however in this video Trevor Dickinson seems to be confirming the story. (Video courtesy of CBM & Amiga Soapbox)

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