On the sidelines of the Amiga show32, which took place in October 2017 in Neuss (Germany), there was a meeting between Mike Battilana (Cloanto), Ben Hermans (Hyperion) and others. A document published in August by Amiga Documents gives you a small insight in how things are amongst the keyplayers of the Amiga industry. 

  • Mike Battilana said that Ben Hermans put Jens Schönfeld in a difficult position, encouraging him to challenge some of Cloanto’s licenses, and attempting to offer him free Amiga licenses that Jens Schönfeld was then receiving from Cloanto.
  • On Friday night, at the entrance of a pizzeria, Mike Battilana turned to Jens Schönfeld but he did not say a word to him and refused to shake his hand.
  • Mike Battilana told Ben Hermans that this was the result of his actions to try to put pressure on Cloanto.
  • Jens Schönfeld has a very rich father who is also his investor.
  • Ben Hermans tells Mike Battilana that he has lawyers around the world (with his firm Monard Law) ready to sue him.
  • According to Mike Battilana, Hyperion began to develop outside the domain of AmigaOS 4, and not Cloanto did the opposite.
  • Mike Battilana asked Ben Hermans why he had registered the brand “Amiga Forever”. Ben Hermans replied “to put something on the negotiating table”.
  • Mike Battilana reminded Ben Hermans how he helped Timothy De Groote set up Hyperion’s e-commerce with a friend (Avangate), and how he felt stabbed when Hyperion used the e-commerce to sell the same products as Cloanto.
  • Mike Battilana indicated (about AmigaOS 4 for Classic) that Cloanto had never sold it, the company just gave the link to the Hyperion offer on the Amiga Forever mailing list and on its website.
  • Hyperion generated a lot of money with the sale of AmigaOS 4 Classic (and paid a small commission to Cloanto).
  • The presence of the Kickstart ROM 1.3 in AmigaOS 4 is indeed a problem. Cloanto contacted Hyperion about it.
  • Mike Battilana asked Ben Hermans if it was Hyperion’s new directors (Timothy De Groote and Costel Mincea) who pushed the company in this direction outside of AmigaOS 4, breaking eight years of peaceful coexistence. Ben Hermans was silent, in a way that seemed to indicate that Mike Battilana was right.
  • Ben Hermans threatened Itec with lawsuits so that the company would drop everything on the Amiga side once Hyperion and Cloanto had settled their affairs.
  • Mike Battilana asked the people of Hyperion if they had thought about his offer to use Cloanto to continue to develop AmigaOS 4, under a new company that had no debt, and restore peace on the front of the Amiga Classic.
  • Ben Hermans replied that it would not be possible because Hyperion owed him more than a million euros and he had no intention of giving up.

Source: obligement

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