Ben Hermans the largest shareholder of Hyperion Enterainment CVBA is not amused with the latest events that took place in the last few weeks. The Entrepreneur responded fiercly during a small interview with Amiga magzine ‘Amiga future’. “Certain opposing parties in the ongoing trial in Seattle believe that by putting financial pressure on us and by draining our resources through cutting out the sales of our products, they will be able to gain the upper hand because Hyperion would no longer have the financial means to defend itself in court and would lose the lawsuit “by default. It is exactly the same tactic which was used by Amiga Inc. and Itec LLC in 2007 when these parties tried to obtain full ownership of AmigaOS 4.x including copyrighted material to which Hyperion only had a (exclusive) license.” also “Hyperion lawyers clearly believe that it is Cloanto which is behind this action. This ridiculous and misleading letter sent by the very same U.S. lawyer who “coincidentally” represents both Cloanto Corporation and Amino Development Corporation in the ongoing litigation leaves very little room for doubt.” You can read the full interview by clicking this link.

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