A reimplementation of the ‘Installer’ utility included with AmigaOS as of version 2.1. InstallerLG aims to be fully compatible with the original as described in the V43.3 documentation. Many of the resource limitations of the Commodore implementation are gone, and the GUI has been replaced by a MUI/Zune based one. AmigaOS is the default native operating system of the Amiga personal computer. On top of a basic kernel called Exec, it includes an abstraction of the Amiga’s unique hardware, a disk operating system called AmigaDOS, a windowing system called Intuition and a graphical user interface called Workbench. Workbench 2.0 introduced a lot of major advances to the Amiga operating system. Gone was the harsh blue and orange colourscheme, replaced with a much easier on the eye grey and light blue. The Workbench was no longer tied to the 640×256 (PAL) or 640×200 (NTSC) display modes, and much of the system was improved with an eye to making future expansion easier. For the first time, a standardised “look and feel” was added. This was done by creating the Amiga Style Guide, and including libraries and software which assisted developers in making conformant software. Technologies included the GUI element creation library gadtools, the software installation scripting language Installer, and the AmigaGuide hypertext help system.

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