The movie tells the tale of a group of top-secret super agents. The game follows the plot of the movie fairly loosely and sees you controlling a group of five American soldiers. There are two main objectives: to rescue the occupants of a recently shot down helicopter and then destroy a stockpile of missiles. The game is set in the Gulf region, possibly bad timing in light of recent events there. Basically, it involves a lot of platform action, interspersed with some noisy shoot-em-up bits. The screen scrolls in four directions and most levels are fairly complex. As you wander around the screen, you will come across crates that are stamped with an American flag. These contain missiles. Walking over these crates activates a timed explosive device. To complete a level, you must find all the missiles and plant the explosives on them. Hampering your progress in this matter, are a lot of enemy soldiers. These guys will shoot you on sight, but only if you are directly in their line of vision. Your Navy Seal dude can perform some fairly athletic manoeuvres on the obstacles and platforms. It’s quite easy to knock out one of the enemy by jumping on him or swinging down right onto his bonce from a platform. The main problem with the game is the difficulty level. If an enemy spots you and opens fire, it’s almost impossible to avoid the bullet, mainly because your sprite is so slow to respond. The instructions on controlling your hero are a little misleading, but once you figure out it gets to be quite enjoyable. The graphics are pretty, but they lack variety and the urge to see what lurks on the next level. The sound is fine, neat spot effects and decent samples. I think it could have benefited with some in-game music though. Navy Seals isn’t a bad game at all, but there are so many niggling problems, it seems a shame more time wasn’t spent on it. With some thought and good design, this could have been a brilliant platform game. As it is, Navy Seals is average.

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