Anyone familiar with lemmings will probably relate the story of how they all commit mass suicide off cliffs and or drown themselves in large bodies of water. Well, that isn’t exactly true. According to Wikipedia, an Astronomer named Zeigler of Strasbourg once believed that lemmings would fall out of the sky during storms through spontaneous generation. Sadly, we were deprived of something that would have been a very awesome spectacle thanks to Swedish zoologist Linnaeus, who later proved that lemmings have a natural origin. Similarly, lemmings do not actively seek death in numbers, but are instead prone to migration when their population becomes too great. So while it is something of a misconception in real life, the mass suicide idea worked perfectly in a virtual sense, and programmer Mike Dailly and the team at DMA Design capitalised on that. The inspiration behind Lemmings came from an 8 bit character sprite that was created using Deluxe Paint, and the moment team member Russell Kay remarked “There’s a game in that!” a legend was born. While the objective of Lemmings is the same for each level, it never becomes a monotonous experience for several reasons. The Ultimate Lemmings Collection for the Commodore AmigaCD32 offers the full Lemmings experience in just one download.

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