The PC Classic is a miniature game console that lets you play classic PC games at home, at parties, conventions, and wherever else computer games from the 80s and 90s are required. The system is joystick-enabled, pre-configured, licensed, and incredibly easy to use. The system is scheduled to begin crowdfunding in late November/early December 2018, and is slated to release in late Spring/early Summer 2019. The target price is $99. You find more information on the website of the developer. MS-DOS 6.22 was the last standalone version produced by Microsoft for Intel 8088, Intel 8086, and Intel 80286 processors, which remain available for download. MS-DOS is still used in embedded x86 systems due to its simple architecture and minimal memory and processor requirements, though some current products have switched to the still-maintained open-source alternative FreeDOS.

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