Furtum Sacrum: Dark Time is a new game release for Commodore Amiga classic, the game has been made with the Backbone game creator. We are in the High Middle Ages, in northwestern Spain, where there are many pilgrimage routes and routes where many monasteries are in full swing. These monasteries offer services to pilgrims in exchange for alms, they also have their own sources of funding, their crops and their local products. The archbishop, responsible for ensuring the safety of pilgrims, reports that travelers are attacked in an area near a monastery. There is widespread suspicion that the monks of the place are sheltering the criminals who are behind these events.  The count was in favor of sending a troop of crusaders to put an end to the evil acts, but the archbishop managed to convince the count to send a small delegation composed of a wise monk and his apprentice to investigate on the facts and so: act accordingly. Our protagonist is the monk responsible for conducting investigations that will uncover the truth and prevent armed intervention that would prevent riots in the region, between the peasants. You can download the demo or purchase the full version on amistore for €19,95.

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