After making the money transfer in december 2016 and signing the software acquisition agreement on January 30th, 2017, iComp bought the P96 RTG software from Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer. A priori license agreement with Hyperion P96 in OS4.1 is part of the agreement, and will be continued under the ownership of iComp. There is no other license agreement with any other party besides this. In the following months, iComp have cleaned up the source code and made small improvements to the software. Over the course of development of OS 3.1.4, further improvements have been made. There is a market actor that claims to have a perpetual license for P96, without having any written proof for this claim. In short, iComp GmbH is the only legal source for a P96 software registration. The company also believes that a claim of a software product or bundle containing a “registered version” of P96 is false advertising.

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