Grunch is a multi OS application keeping downloading, installing, updating and uninstalling away from the user. Sounds like a packet manager? Maybe, but Grunch is more. It’s a kind of software centre, where you can click and search for all the software you want. No more searching for the right OS version and the right download page, no more dealing with libraries and other files. Grunch is taking over. Grunch knows and supports dependencies for installation and uninstallation. So if you want to install a game which needs PowerSDL, Grunch will check if PowerSDL is installed and if not a requester will pop up to show the missing dependencies of that application. If the user continues PowerSDL gets installed, too. If he cancels, software installation gets aborted. If the user decides to uninstall PowerSDL, he gets a list of all Applications related to the PowerSDL and if the user continues all those programs get removed, too.

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