After having recently suffered three legal failures, Cloanto was again dismissed by the Washington State court. The Washington State Court’s PDF document indicates that the Italian company does not have the right to sue Hyperion on the basis of the 2009 conciliation agreement. Cloanto has however been heard for 1 thing, Hyperion is allowed to use some Amiga trademarks worldwide, and according to the court, “the use of new Amiga brands could be interpreted as a violation of the 2009 conciliation agreement. Paul Clements an IT expert on the 2009 conciliation agreement is concerned with the term “Software Architecture” and the fact that it may or may not include a source code. The conclusion of the expert is that the software architecture does not give right to the source code of an earlier version of AmigaOS and that a software architecture contains neither object code nor source code. As a result, “Hyperion misinterpreted the 2009 conciliation agreement and this will have an impact on the continuation of its lawsuit against Cloanto and the Amiga parties.”

Source: Obligement l’amiga au maximum

Image: wallpaper by nykk // deetronic

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