With indie game design on the rise there’s a growing demand for new tools and game engines. Scorpion Engine Is without doubt one of the most ambitious projects because it allows indie game developers to start making software for Commodore Amiga computers with ease. Amiga developer Erik Hogan released a new update of Scorpion Engine (ver 2022.6) on Github. The new update features new demos for performance testing and falling stackable objects, major optimizations, improvements for text, performance scaling, and much more. Getting started is easy with the several detailed tutorials provided on Youtube. Following through can take a few hours but you’ll learn all the basics of building a platformer from scratch, or creating background parallax effects, or whatever you want! Another promising feature is a cross platform version of Scorpion Engine in the near future, capable of compiling the same project for the SEGA Mega Drive console. You can support Erik Hogan on his Patreon page.

News source: Twitter / Download Scorpion Engine (ver 2022.6)

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