cc-red-alert-for-commodore-amiga-rts-games-for-amiga AmigaOne x1000 x5000 a1222 sam440 AmigaOS4

War! What is it good for? Well, it’s actually rather good as subject matter for video games, providing a stream of successful franchises based around humans killing each other en masse. Medal of Honour? Call of Duty? Battlefield? The list is almost longer than those brave souls that perished in reality, and one such series has been leading the real-time guise of war strategy since the mid nineties. Command & Conquer gave the player the opportunity to act as a deity, gleefully participating in xenophobic genocide or righteous shielding from the comfort of the keyboard. The second C&C instalment saw a re-working of world history to engross the would-be general, and boy does it deliver on many fronts. Red Alert’s popularity would make Electronic Arts take notice and buy the original developer, thus spawning many sequels. However, the time altering exploits and the long shelf life of this would make it a classic PC & Amiga favourite. Real-time stra tegy titles were just becoming a recognised around the early nineties, and it was Westwood that spearheaded this. Previous effort Dune II could be accredited as the first fully-realised RTS, with the C&C series developing it even further. Red Alert stands out not only due to its intuitive interface, battle options and cinematic cut scenes, but also the somewhat controversial plot. In brief, a terrible imagining of what the Cold War could have became. Runs on Amiga classic and AmigaOne!



red-alert-for-commodore-amiga-aga-computers AmigaOne x1000 x5000 a1222 sam440 AmigaOS4

red-alert-for-commodore-amiga-aga AmigaOne x1000 x5000 a1222 sam440 AmigaOS4

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