Amiga game developers Entwickler-X have now reduced all their games on AMIStore for the Christmas holiday season. You have to be quick though- these special prices will be valid until New Years Day. The discounted games include some great titles at great prices: MACE, Swamp Defense 2, Swamp Defense, Bubble Shooter DX, A Frog Game, Tap Jewels, Balance Blox and Bubbelsche Deluxe.

EntwicklerX is a German game developer based in Bautzen, Germany, best known for creating the popular 2014 mobile game Flupp!. It was founded by two men named Thomas Claus and Frank Menzel, Entwickler is a German word meaning developer, therefore the developer’s name translates to DeveloperX. Their motto, und sonst nix!, directly translates to and nothing else! Store: AMIstore Source:


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