AmiDevCpp is an Integrated Cross Platform Development Environment for Windows, that helps you to comfortable develop C/C++ Applications for the AmigaOS (m68k), AmigaOS4 (PPC), MorphOS(PPC) and for AROS (i386, ppc and x86_64). In the best case, you can just select another Compilerset and compile the same program for different Platforms. AmiDevCpp is based on the free Development Environment WxDev-Cpp and Jocke ‘Zerohero’ Birging ‘s Crosscompiler.AmiDevCpp provides a comfortable Development Environment to Amiga Developers. That means Project managment, Class Browser, Code completition and a lot more.AmiDevCpp can be expanded with so called DevPaks. AmiDevCpp is for free and comes with a multilingual Setup Program and can be downloaded for free.



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