The Big Red Adventure is a PC adventure game, created in 1995 by Paolo Costabel for Dynabyte and published by Core Design. It was released for Amiga in 1997 by Power Computing on CD ROM. The game is the sequel to Nippon Safes. As in Nippon Safes, the main characters are clever Doug, babe Donna and muscular Dino. Donna is abducted by communists. Doug Nuts is the protagonist of the game. He planned to steal the Crown of Monomakh from a museum in Moscow, but at the decisive moment things go wrong. Doug, assisted by Donna and Dino, ends up with matters far more serious than a robbery in his hands. The game uses a special font called zamenina, in which roughly half of the Latin characters are replaced by their Cyrillic counterparts. This can be seen on the game cover in the word “Adventure”. The story begins in Moscow, Russia. You play as Doug – an international thief who robs museum treasures for a living. You enter a contest so that you can appear on a talk show, and in turn find a secret passage into the museum. But just as the crown is within your grasp, you are knocked unconscious by another thief who takes the crown for himself. You later awaken to find the sirens going off – the authorities are after you, and Doug has no choice but to escape Moscow via train.



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