Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) is a free and open-source operating system for high-performance computing on multi-core processor computer architectures. Yellow Dog Linux includes software suitable for running a Web server (such as Apache/httpd, Perl, and PHP), database server (such as MySQL and PostgreSQL), and network server (NFS and Webmin). Additional software is also included for running an enterprise server or a compute server or cluster, although two separate products from Terra Soft Solutions, called Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux (for enterprise servers) and Y-HPC (for compute servers/clusters), are specifically targeted toward those applications. Altough this is a very old distro it’s fun for the real linux/PPC fan! In order to dual boot AmigaOS 4.1 and Linux you must use the new SLB (Second Level Bootlader) available on the Amiga OS 4.1 update 1 CD. If it’s not already installed on you hard disk, the following steps will guide you to install or update your current version. If you closed MediaToolBox then run it again , choose “Normal”, select the hard disk where you wish to install Parthenope and click on “Edit RDB/Reinstall…”. A new window will open. If you look at the bottom of this window you will see a section labelled “AmigaOne boot code (SLB)”. Click on “Install” and choose the new SLB (the new version is located inside the “L:” directory of your AmigaOS 4.1 update 1 CD). Click “Ok, accept changes” and then “Save to disk” and close MediaToolBox. To install Ubuntu Mate, turn on the AmigaONE and press F to boot to enter CFE prompt and insert the USB stick. You can boot the installer using the commands below:

CFE> ramdisk –z –addr=0x24000000 –fatfs usbdisk0:initrd.gz

CFE> setenv bootargs “root=/dev/ramdisk”

CFE> boot -elf -noints -fatfs usbdisk0:vmlinux-4.2