FriendUP (Friend Unifying Platform) is a web OS platform for web apps, liquid software and legacy applications. It consists of an application server (we call it a co-kernel) and a HTML5 based desktop environment that we call Friend Workspace.  Friend Workspace is where you work, use apps, play games and organize your files. It is easy to use. It works on all devices – your second home moves with you. Friend Workspace allows you to work just as you have learned to on Windows or Mac. But through it, you have access to the future of cloud software. Friend Workspace allows you to share apps, data and sessions between all your devices: smartphone, tablet, TV or PC, in a uniform way. In the future, any surface can be an interactive screen. These will be powered by different processors and operating systems. All of them will have a web browser. Friend Workspace allows you to access each surface in the same way. That means you can be as productive – and feel at home – no matter which surface you chose to use. Use all of your surfaces as if they were the same, integrated computer only separated by different access points. Friend Workspace is built using “web tech”. It is the most common and available technology in the software world. Every operating system and display technology has a web browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Because Friend Workspace runs on all of them, it is universally available. Web apps use the internet. This is why we built a resource manager – the Friend server. It enables Friend Workspace for offline use. Additionally, it lets you access all the old applications online. Friend Workspace is open source for non commercial use. Image by friendsoftware labs


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