In May 1992, APC&TCP founded what is the APC&TCP Distribution. This was a logical step as many members of the club were programmers and they were unhappy with the terms and conditions offered by the established distributors. One problem was the payment that they were able to receive. The other one was to not completely lose their rights in the process of releasing their software. Up to today, many more famous pieces of software have been released by APC&TCP including DigiBooster, Roadshow, CygnusED, AmiATLAS, Crossfire 2, Flyin’High and Pinball Brain Damage. APC&TCP was also the first distributor that offered Public Domain software pressed onto CD, for half the regular price. In the new millennium, the distributor also got into selling merchandise. Up until today, more than 25 merchandise articles have been released. Besides these four main areas of business, there was even more: APC&TCP distributed promotional games. For trade shows, APC&TCP distributed flyers and sold tickets for some of the Amiga trade shows in Cologne and Frankfurt, being able to offer a rebate to club members. One big area of operations for the APC&TCP was the magazine market. For other magazines like Amiga Plus, Amiga Games and Amiga Special, the distributor made the cover CDs and sold the above mentioned PD disk series. In 1997, ACP&TCP decided to offer a print-magazine of its own – with the now well known name “Amiga Future”. It was planned from the beginning to reach a much broader readership than a club magazine. Congratulations APC&TCP with over 22 years of excellence in the Amiga market!

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