New features:

– New optional “indirect” UAE expansion trap system, fully compatible with OS 4.x, virtual memory and some debugging programs.
– PC Bridgeboard disk drive raw image support. (ipf, ext adf,…)
– Monochrome video out emulation, including A1000 color/mono video out software control (BPLCON0 COLOR bit).
– Dark palette fix option to correct colors of badly ported Atari ST games (Midnight Resistance etc..)
– Official CSPPC/BPPC flash updater can be used to install full ROM image without having existing ROM image file.
– Custom input events can execute Amiga-side commands and scripts.
– Windows clipboard to emulated Amiga keyboard paste support.
– Variable refresh rate optimized vsync mode (G-Sync/FreeSync).
– Black frame injection is supported in variable refresh modes.
– IVS Trumpcard Pro/GrandSlam SCSI emulation.

OS4.x supported UAE expansions:

– Directory harddrives, including on the fly insertion/removal.
– CDFS CD mounting.
– Clipboard sharing.
– uaegfx RTG.
– uaehf.device hardfiles.
– Virtual mouse driver/magic mouse/tablet mode.
– uaenet.device.
– uaeserial.device.
– uaescsi.device.
– uae.resource.
– uaenative.library.


– Game Ports panel input customization is finally very intuitive.
– On the fly input device insertion/removal improvements.
– Many input device handling updates and fixes.
– Faster screenshot/capture in after filtering mode.
– Continuous screenshot mode.
– CD32 Akiko chip low level emulation compatibility improved.
– Nero .nrg CD image support.

Bug fixes:

– Hardware RTG emulation rendered same frame twice in some situations causing slow performance.
– Amithlon partition type (0x78/0x30) support works again.
– Some storage devices failed to mount as a harddrive.
– AGA subpixel scrolling glitches.
– Miscellaneous custom chipset emulation fixes.
– AGA mode HAM6 colors were not 100% accurate.
– Some programmed custom chipset display modes crashed.
– Direct3D mode DirectX9 not installed warning corrupted memory.
– Fullscreen + paused + enter GUI: GUI was invisible.
– Display panel gamma value calculation fixed.
– CDFS automount didn’t mount CDs with empty label.

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